Italian Style and Speed in USA and Canada!

The patented CaP System coax connectors from Telecom & Security (Italy) are now in full distribution throughout Europe.  These connectors are known for very low loss and very high speed installation – less than 30 seconds from wire cut to complete connection.  Time is money and installers across the pond are saving both.

KBM assembly

Typical of Italian designs, the CaP system will speed you through an installation job like a Ferrari hunting a Grand Prix win.  The terminations are made fast, the connectors are removable and reusable for trouble shooting, and the CaPs are color coded to aid tracing the wire bundles.

Product details at:

For installation videos click here –> KBM-HQ 10 pct

Order your installation kits including connectors, cutter/slitter, and plier tool from one of the Telecom & Security USA dealers in the US and Canada.

Contact us for the dealer nearest you: +1.614.538.8000 or

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  1. Hi Lee,

    I would talk to our parent company Telecom & Security in Italy about selling in Malaysia. Specifically talk to Mirko DiFrancesco or Giovanni Pugliese.

    Thank you for asking.

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