X-rated connectors?

Telecom & Security USA attempted to upload a video onto our Youtube channel only to be rejected, we surmise, because the language used to describe the assembly of our connectors violated their sense of propriety – they thought we were being rather suggestive.

KBM assembly

Sometimes it is just darn hard to find synonyms and it reminded me of a posting I saw on one of our dealer’s website.  He wrote:

Sex and Connectors
Those unaccustomed to the use of the terms “male” and “female” to describe connectors will have to get used to this time-honored engineering nomenclature. Those of us who work with them regularly use the terminology without a second thought. One day a number of years back, my daughter (who was about 8 years old at the time, if memory serves) was in the lab with me while I was working at the network analyzer with one of the grad students. She overheard our conversation, peppered as it was with the terms “male connector” and “female connector”. After we were done, she asked me why the connectors were named that way. Well, this was a conversation I had expected to have in somewhat different circumstances, but I gave her a quick summary of the “how-babies-get-made” story, followed by the analogy that is implied by the connector terminology. She thought about it for a few moments when I was done, and then said, “Daddy, that’s just weird.” It’s hard to argue with that.

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