Are you looking for the best BNC connectors for your CCTV and Security installation?

Patented BNC Connectors


When wiring a coax system for CCTV and security applications, the connectors should match the system technical requirements.  Using a standard BNC connector in an HD application could result in reduced image quality, while using an HD connector in a standard analog application could be a waste of money.  So which connector is right for your installation?

 The CaP system BNC connectors could save you 70% on installation time, and that time saved means money saved.  So don’t waste that savings by selecting a less than optimal connector.  How to select for the greatest cost-effectiveness?

Broadcast CaP System BNC connector

For your standard analog CCTV installations operating at 50 MHz the Standard KBM connector is an excellent choice.  If your installation includes the newer 1080p high definition components using CVI-HD, TVI-HD, and AHD protocols then the KBM-HD would be your connector of choice.  And for professional broadcasting HD-SDI camera operating at 6 GHz you would want the (literally) gold-plated KBM-HQ connectors.

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